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Amatsu is a new and unique therapy that cures individual conditions by treating your body as a whole, making you feel better and healthierl over.

"I first experienced the benefits of Amatsu as a patient. I was amazed how Amatsu treatment was able to find the root cause of the problem, a part of the body that I wouldnਡve necessarily have connected with the symptoms I was experiencing.

I have been involved with Amatsu since 2004, qualified in Anma in 2004, Seitai in 2011 and Shinden in 2013. Using all these techniques together enables me to deal with a client੮jury using more in-depth treatments.

Amastu is a full body treatment leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced.

My decision to train as an Amatsu Practitioner has been a life changing experience and I want you to experience the benefits of Amatsu too."

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