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Amatsu is a Japanese treatment that dates back thousands of years, but has evolved into a more western, modernised treatment.

Amatsu comprises a mixture of the best holistic and complimentary therapy methods for example; mobilisation of muscles, bones, nerves and ligaments; massage; reflexology, cranial work, and many others, which leaves you feeling well balanced and very relaxed.

You are fully clothed when receiving a treatment but comfortable loose clothing is advised.

The primary aim is to balance the pelvis and then deal with associated problems. It੭portant that the body has the ability to move fluidly with nothing to hinder it, which is the aim of the treatment.

In our modern day lives we are constantly on the go which can leave our bodies unbalanced. Amastu can ease this unbalance, having a positive influence on a persons Go-dai. Go-dai is an umbrella title that originates from Japanese culture and covers the following;

Enviromental 稥re, when and how you carry out your life.

Chemical 诲mones, the digestive system and the food you eat.

Physical 鯵r body೴ructure, bones, muscles and ligaments.

Emotional 鯵r thought process, emotions, values and beliefs.

Electrical 鯵r nervous system and energy system.

Whether you have come with a problem or just wanted to have a relaxing treatment - you will feel much lighter in mind and body after a treatment.

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