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I understand that Amatsu may not be familiar to everyone and I've done my best to offer a basic understanding on its benefits on other parts of the site, but as they say 'the proof is in the pudding' so I have collected a handful of testimonials for you to read for yourself.

"Two years ago my feet began to stiffen causing me to fall often. The consultant advised it was my age and take pain medication. After my first Amatsu treatment with Sue my feet became flexible again.
I continued having Amatsu for aching shoulders, migraine and to keep my feet flexible. I highly recommend Amatsu - this well kept secret that you can experience at very affordable price."

E. L. - Middlesex


"I wanted to thank you for last Saturday. I really appreciate what you did to help my son.  You have contributed to his recovery and that෨y I wanted to let you know that this morning, he has stood up and walked a few steps with me only holding his hands!! This is an amazing moment and I feel so proud of him, and I know that you helped by asking him to set himself a goal. When we came home, he told me he would walk by today because we are seeing his friends this afternoon, and without fail, he has reached this goal, which he might not have set himself had you not asked him to do so. So once again thank you. I am sure that the treatment was also helpful in releasing some of the blockages, and therefore allowing him to start making movements he might not have wanted to make before our visit."

S. D. - Hertfordshire

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